Basic information about the subject

Subject name

Fundamentals of MATLAB

Entry requirements

The subject is based on theoretical knowledge of mathematical subjects.

Graduation conditions

The subject is completed with a classified credit.

Conditions for granting the credit:

  • 100% participation in exercises
  • During the semester, 2 written tests per 100 points. Passing a test is required with a minimum of 56 points.


Success [points]92-10083-9174-8265-7356-640-55


Basic mathematical operations in MATLAB. Graphical environment in MATLAB. Applications in MATLAB and creation of user programs. Processing of measured data.

Syllables (timeline)

  • Introduction to MATLAB. 
    MATLAB system; MATLAB user environment; Description of MATLAB environment; Modes of work; Editing M-Files
  • Variables, expressions, and operators. 
    Variables and constants, expressions; chains; Comments (notes); Operators and special characters
  • Matrices and vectors. 
    Write a matrix; Manipulation with matrices; Matrix operations; Special matrices
  • Elementary mathematical functions. 
    Goniometric functions; Exponential functions; Complex functions; Numeric functions
  • Graphics in MATLAB (2D). 
    Graphical environment in MATLAB; Creating two-dimensional graphs; Basic control functions for display
  • Graphics in MATLAB (3D). 
    Marking and description of graphs; Special charts; Creating three-dimensional charts; Working with color images
  • Separate work no. 1
  • Polynomials. 
    Polynomial functions
  • Creating your own apps. 
    Control commands; User input commands
  • Creating your own apps. 
    M-files; scripts; User features; Commands and features for creating custom applications; 
  • Separate work no. 2
  • Repair independent work

February 2019